Midwest Young Artists: Children Introduced to Woodwind Music!

What a surprise today!  There's so much music going on at MYA that we can hardly keep up with it.  Parents know what their own children are doing, but I just had to take time this afternoon to tell you about a musical experience we had at the MYA Center this morning.  One of our woodwind quintets (Tori Calderone, flute; Liah Watts, clarinet; Abigail Chow, oboe; Sarah Farbman, bassoon; and Kirsten Lopez, horn) prepared and performed a concert for a big crowd of little dudes and their parents.  The title of their show was "Does Your Brain Have a Soundtrack?" It was just a perfect mix of music and demonstration of individual instruments and just the right amount of time to hold the audience's rapt attention. 

Hopefully, M.C. Chow, dad of Abigail, got a recording we can post on wmya.fm.  Thanks to Jessica Jordan, who spread the word amongst her Miniature Young Artists students and provided a nice reception for the audience and performers.   We're so proud of these students who came up with the idea and implemented it!

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