Highwood Pumpkin Fest

Highwood is getting ready to try to break the world record for carved pumpkins (32,000) on Saturday, October 22 at 6:30 p.m.  Scaffolding is going up all over Highwood.  It's a fun event!  MYA families can bring carved pumpkins anytime this week or next Saturday.   Either bring them to MYA or bring them to the entrance logging stations downtown.  For more information and a schedule of events, check out this link.

FYI:  A little history of the current Fort Sheridan community.  When the Army base was closed in 1992, a joint planning committee of Lake Forest, Highwood and Highland Park was put together to decide the political future of the old Army base. When we moved into our current facility in June of 2000, Bruno Bertucci, a long time resident of Highwood and the Executive Director of Highwood's Chamber of Commerce for many years (an unpaid, volunteer position), stopped by and gave us a great big welcome.  He told us he was so proud that MYA was located in Highwood. When we wondered why part of the Fort Sheridan community was Highland Park, the story we heard from long time Highwood residents was that Highland Park had more money for lawyers during the base closure process.  We'll leave it there.

MYA actually ended up in our current building because the building we were awarded by the U.S. Department of Education was located in Highland Park which has zoning codes that allow for higher buildings.  We swapped our building which was on the site of the current high rise tower near the lake with the developer.  They tore down the building we were awarded and turned the stockade building into our beautiful music school.  

I used to tell people that everything on the west side of Lyster Road was Highwood, and across the street was Highland Park, but a couple of weeks ago, someone told me that isn't necessarily true.  It might have something to do with streets that have multi-residential buildings.  If anyone knows for sure, we would be interested to know.

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