Midwest Young Artists: Expanding Our Students' Horizons

One of our board members sent me a link to this You Tube Holiday Video.  It is a video from the small Yupiq Eskimo Village of Quinhagak, Alaska.  It was a school computer project intended for other Yupiq villages in the area.  Much to the villagers' shock, over a half million people have viewed it. 

I am passing it on because it features Handel's Hallelujah Chorus, but also because as I watched it, I felt that it gave me a good idea of idea of life in this village.  One of the things MYA has always felt strongly about is connecting our students with students from as many different cultures and places as possible, using the only universal language:  MUSIC!  Therefore, we have done lots of concert tours with our students, and when we have been asked to host visiting musicians, we always go out of our way to do this.

Last spring, we were asked by the Director of the Versailles Youth Orchestra from France if we could help them arrange concerts in the Chicago area.  Knowing that one of our interns was fluent in French and hoping to teach English in France this year, we said YES.  Luckily, James made most of the arrangements before he did leave in September to teach in Lyon.  Over one of his breaks, he visited the orchestra's director, Christophe, and his family. Pictured above in the center of the back row are James Rein and Rebecca Watts (also an MYA intern for two years who is also teaching in this same program).  It is a small world!

We will be looking for 33 MYA families to host French students from April 19-22, 2012, and know they will pull through because it is such a great opportunity to make the world a little smaller.  If you read this and want to sign up right up, let us know, and you'll be first on the list.

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