Midwest Young Artists Goes to the Malls!

For many years, MYA programmed holiday concerts at the 1525 seat Harris Theater of Music and Dance in Millenium Park.  Some of my most memorable concert programs included these December concerts including Night at the Opera with guest singers Lauren McNeese and Lauren Curnow (2005),  Holiday Music from the Silk Road (2006), Nutcracker Suite, both  Tchaikovsky and Ellington versions (2007), Selections from Fantasia (2008), and The Snowman (2009).  The goal of these concerts was to offer an affordable concert  for families to experience the joy of music during the holidays. 

Concert hall rental, the costs to market this concert, other competing downtown holiday concerts including the CSO's Welcome Yule concerts  with our own Voices Rising Childrens' Choir, and the Big Band performance at Midwest Band and Orchestra Conference this week, made us rethink our holiday concert plan for this year.  Credit goes to Dr. D, MYA's Maestro, for suggesting we take our music to the malls.  It was a great idea, well carried out by our staff, and tremendously popular with our parents, students and hundreds of mall shoppers yesterday at Northbrook Court and Hawthorn Westfield Mall.  Let us know what you think!

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