Midwest Young Artists Staff Has Fun at IMEA!

Matt and Carl went down to Peoria on Thursday morning.  You saw the new banners on my last post, and here they are set up at the MYA booth.
It's always a great time to be there for the students who participate in the All State ensembles!  Carl and Matt got out the popcorn popper Sarah Barnes and I bought years ago, and had a lot of fun!  Next year, it will be the karaoke machine which they brought, but couldn't hook up to the computer monitor.  

This year, Allan was honored at the ASTA (American String Teachers Association) luncheon with a Distinguished Service Award.  It meant a lot to him to be recognized by his colleagues.  Those of you who might remember his speeches to the graduating seniors before he started pre-recording them, will know how his acceptance remarks went. 
Thank you to New Trier Orchestra Director, Peter Rosheger, who nominated him, and Robert Bassill who was assigned the job of making some introductory remarks.  Know Robert struggled with what to say, but appropriately, he pointed out just two incidents within the past week that showed what Allan (and so many others) have created at MYA and how encompassing his service is.  Robert said that to his amazement, when Symphony Orchestra was rehearsing the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto for the first time last Saturday, he heard the solo line coming from the middle of the violin section.  Given that the winner of the Open Division wasn't at the rehearsal, it demonstrated just how strong a program MYA has.  The second story illustrates that there is nothing Allan won't do to help.  Robert said that when he stopped in the office on Tuesday night Allan was in his suit (a rare occasion) getting ready to go to a funeral when a mom came in whose son was taking bass lessons in the building.  They were having trouble getting the end pin out of his bass.  Allan, with his suit on, got on the floor and quickly figured out and fixed the problem.  While Allan said the award was for MYA, not him personally, we all know that he is the leader who demonstrates daily what it takes to carry out MYA's mission, to build a home with the power of music to enrich the lives of our students and communities. Kudos to him and thanks to those who made this recognition possible!

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