Midwest Young Artists Voices Collaborates to help fund Ronald McDonald House

Thank you to Jessica Jordan, our Choral Program Administrator, Ben Gray, VR Director, and the students and parents who let them take a bit of time off from school today to publicize the Voices of the Future concert this Sunday, January 29 @ 2:00 p.m. at Harris Theater at Millenium Park. Go to WGNtv.com to hear their performance in the WGN studio this noon!

This is a 2nd Annual Event.  Choirs from all over Chicago participate so it is a wonderful opportunity for our students to hear a wide range of vocal ensembles.  I attended last year and enjoyed the experience immensely.  Our students heard so many diverse choirs and repertoire from the exciting and energizing Soul Children of Chicago to the Loyola Academy Honors Chamber Singers, who sang selections they were preparing to perform at The Vatican.   

This year, each choir will perform a Beatles song to commemorate the Beatles 50th anniversary!  All funds go to support Ronald McDonald House Charities. . .in the midst of a campaign to build the largest Ronald McDonald house in the world right here in Chicago!  Tickets are $25 each and available at: the Artists Brands Website. 

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