Walgreens National Concerto Competition Results

We will be hearing some outstanding musicians on our February 25, 2012, concerts at Pick Staiger.  At 7:30 p.m., Symphony Orchestra will perform Hindemith's Der Schwanendrewer, with Senior MYA Division winner, Ariel Chapman, a 12th grader, who studies with Lewis Rosove and Sally Chisholm, and Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D, op. 35, with Open Senior Division winner, Gallia Kastner, a 9th grader who attends John Hersey High School in Arlington Heights and studies with Almita Vamos.  Masha Lakisova, a 4th grader, who studies with Drew Lecher will perform Haydn's Violin Concerto in G Major with Philharmonia Orchestra, and Aidan Perrault, an 8th grader who attends Old Orchard Junior High in Skokie and studies with David Yonan, will be performing the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with Concert Orchestra on the 1:30 afternoon concert on February 25.

It is fun to watch the students perform from year to year and make huge leaps in development.  Gallia was the Open Junior winner last year!  I'm looking forward to hearing this year's Junior Open winner, Hannah White, again!.  In 6th grade, homeschooled from Germantown, Wisconsin, and a student of Hye-Sun Lee, she performed a mature and exciting Sarasate Zigeunerweisen!

This week, we will be working on getting judges feedback and DVDs of the performances out to all the contestants.  Today at MYA is a Chamber Music Boot Camp as many students are preparing for the next competition, The Discover National Chamber Music Competition held on February 19.

A complete list of winners the judging panels chose is below, but agree with Allan that the value of any competition is to use it as a goal to play a great piece better than you have ever played it before and to learn something from the experience.

MYA Junior Division:
Other instruments winner: Torin Bakke
Piano winner: Daniel Rong
Early Music winner: Masha Lakisova
Strings honorable Mentions: Rowena Bakke, Anastasia Dalianis, Haddon Kay, Masha Lakisova, Janani Sivakumar
Strings winner: Aidan Perreault, violin

Open Junior Division Winners:
Piano Division Winner: Nadia Azzi
Honorable Mentions: Eric Lin , Jason Lu
Early Music Winner: Lucie Ticho
Early Music Hon. Mentions: Eriko Darcy, Christian D. Kim, Jonathan Wolf
Strings Winner: Hannah White
Hon. Mentions: Karisa Chiu, Serena Harnack, Nathan Mo, Lucie Ticho, Jonathan Wolf
Overall Winner: Hannah White 

Open Senior Division Winners:
Piano Division Winner: Kyle Jannak-Huang
Hon. Mentions: Hannah Kay, Austin Shin
Strings Division Winner: Gallia Kastner
Hon Mentions: Claire Bourg, Joshua Burca, Kiyoshi Hayashi, Hannah Moses, Tabitha Oh, Michaela Wellems, Ye Young Yoo
Early Music Division Winner: Hansuh Rhee
Hon. Mentions: Mitchell Green, Adam Korber, Megan Lee
Voice Winner: Elisa Germond
Honorable Mentions: Joo Young (Kate) Lee, China Gray
Other Instruments Winner: Christine Murphy
Hon. Mentions: Ryan Toher
Overall Senior Open Winner: Gallia Kastner
Overall Open Winner: Gallia Kastner

MYA Senior Division Winners:

Piano Division Winner: Allen Wang
Strings Division Winners (In alphabetical order): Emily Camras, Ariel Chapman
Hon Mentions: Elizabeth Chertok, Lara Madden, Genevieve Smelser, Ben Solomonow
Early Music Division Winner: Mary Sliva
Other Instruments Winner: Taylor Isberg
Hon. Mentions: Victoria Calderone, Scott Greene, Sarah Koike
Overall MYA Winner: Ariel Chapman

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