The Long Haul to Fischoff

We are very humbled by the amount dedication and commitment our students, particularly those in our Intensive Chamber Music Program, have to their music.  It hit me, especially this week, as I've traveled to performances by the ensembles from MYA who are heading to South Bend tonight for the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition which is this weekend at Notre Dame University.  On Sunday night, I drove to Mt. Prospect where Contrapunctus String Quartet performed in a church for family and friends.  Last night, I drove to Aurora where The Alpaca String Quartet performed  for Emily Camras's colleagues and teachers at IMSA (Illinois Math and Science Academy).

That these students drive such long distances every week (and further) to participate in MYA, reminds me of the efforts of an athlete preparing for the Olympics. It is so gratifying to watch the students work all year towards the goal of a competition, and as Allan says over and over, it is the process that's important.  They have been coached weekly, have practiced weekly, participated in master classes and performed on the Sunday recitals we have 2-3 times a month.  Whatever the outcome this weekend, they all have prepared to do their best.  Also competing from MYA is the Meshugene String Quartet, and No Strings Attached, a woodwind trio.

Did you know?

  • 136 ensembles applied and 48 ensembles were accepted.
  • 28 nationalities are represented in the entries
  • The competition on Saturday and Sunday will be streamed live.  Check out the Fischoff Website for information.  
  • The last 4 Grammy Award winners in Classical ensemble music have been Fischoff alumni
  • MYA Faculty members Julie Fischer, Mandy Dennis and Rose Armbrust are Fischoff Alumni

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