Festival Classique den Haag

Do you ever have times when things just flow and everything seems to fall into place?  That's how Dr D and I felt during the 9 days we spent in Europe.  MYA hosted the Versailles Youth Orchestra this spring, and from what I've heard from many MYA families, the social bonding that occurred during their stay is continuing nonstop with the ease of communication on the internet. Our trip was to check out concert venues in and around Paris where we could perform when we reconnect in France next June.  Within three packed days, we confirmed three and maybe four concerts in and around Paris.

What we didn't expect was that a contact in Amsterdam would lead to the possibility of performing at a unique European classical music festival.  If funding is maintained (a big concern in the Netherlands where the government is the largest patron for public art and culture), we were offered the opportunity to perform at next year's Festival Classique den Haag.  This festival is just 6 years and takes place in and around The Hague, the seat of Dutch government, foreign embassies and 150 international organizations including International Courts (Rwanda and Serbia war crimes trials).  Although the Hague is not the capital of the Netherlands (constitutionally it is Amsterdam), the phrase we heard is that in the Netherlands, money is made in Rotterdam, divided up in The Hague, and spent in Amsterdam!  

This year's festival starts this week and the goal is to keep classical music fresh and fun, while maintaining the integrity of the music.  How do they do this?  By bold programming, played in unexpected places, and concerts where new audiences may be attracted as much by a theme as by a composer, artist or piece of music.  The highlight is two nights of concerts played underneath the stars on the most beautiful floating outdoor 1200 seat stage in Europe.  The Hofvijver stage is build on 256 pontoons on the pond in front of the government buildings pictured above, and if all goes well, we'll experience this most unique venue next June.

For a better idea and more information, check out the festival website.   The big nights this year feature dancing to Holst's The Planets on Friday, and bringing the arts back to the Olympics (yes, the Olympics used to include art!) with top class athletics by both dancers and musicians on Saturday.  Let's hope the weather is beautiful and not rainy as it was our whole day in The Hague!

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