The 2013 Chicago Bass Festival

MYA is getting ready for the upcoming Chicago Bass Festival on February 3rd. The Chicago Bass Festival is an event for the Midwest area double bass community that highlights the talents of bassists in major performing organizations and teachers at academic institutions while fostering a learning event for the next generation... of double bassists with master classes and clinics for all ages and ability levels!

If you are one of the following: ...

A. High School Bassist

B. College-Age Bassist

C. Middle School Bassist

D. Professional Bassist

E. Bass Teacher

F. Amateur Bassist

G. Music Educator

H. General Bass Enthusiast ...then the Chicago Bass Festival is perfect for you!

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Here is what University of Iowa professor Volkan Orhon said about last year's event: 

The festival featured 19 bass clinicians, representing a large swath of Chicago area schools and performing institutions. Some of those include DePaul, Roosevelt, University of Illinois, University of Michigan, University of Iowa, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Lyric Opera of Chicago, and several more.
  The clinicians led a total of 27 master classes, technique classes, performance classes, talks and performances for the more than 40 bassists and family members in attendance.

Some of the highlights of the day included a performance by the Chicago Bass Ensemble where they premiered “Autogenous Mining” by Michael Wittgraf, a piece for four basses and interactive electronics – Engineered and orchestrated by the composer using a Nintedo Wiimote and a laptop on stage.  Two pieces at the final recital that delighted were a fast paced and energetic performance of the “Passacaglia” by Handel, arranged by Johan Halvorsen originally for violin and viola, but performed by Han-Jui (Henry) Chen on bass (playing the viola part) and Elias Goldstein on viola (playing the violin part). Both performers were on faculty at Ball State University – and a flawless interpretation of Francois Rabbath’s thrilling and ethereal “Poucha Dass”.

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