Planning Full Steam Ahead for MYA's 20th Anniversary Benefit

This year will be MYA's 8th annual benefit!  Since we are celebrating our 20 year milestone, our annual benefit  is an addition to prior efforts to raise the contributed income we need to balance our budget each year.  Prior to moving into the MYA Center at Fort Sheridan in June of 2000, one of our teachers started a Silent Auction in the lobby at Pick Staiger Concert Hall on a concert day and we sent out an end-of-year appeal letter.

Our wonderful home offers  us vastly more options to expand our mission, start new programs and new ensembles!  However, we no longer raise over 90% of our funds from earned income.  Our $1,329,167 budget this year is raised 28% from contributed income, 59% from tuition; and 13% from ticket sales, program ad sales and misc.

This year we have selected a unique and magnificent venue for our benefit, particularly appropriate for music lovers.  One of our parents sent me a link this morning to a PBS video about the venue.  While you cannot appreciate the awesomeness of a visit to the Place de la Musique at the Sanfilippo Estate in Barrington just from watching the video, we hope it  will pique your interest in seeing it in person.   You can make a reservation or sponsor a table at this link.  We are doing a VIP pre-event tour on Wednesday for sponsors and our most important VIP person, Dr. D, who hasn't yet seen the venue.  If you would like additional information, please contact us.

Another European Concert Tour

Emails are flying back and forth from The Hague, Tucson, Arizona and Highwood as we make final plans together for our concert tour in June to France and The Netherlands.  Remembering life before the internet and email, I will always be in awe of the capability we now have to communicate.  James Rein (MYA Alum '05/horn) who made arrangements for the Versailles Youth Orchestra to visit Chicago and spent last year in France teaching English is recuperating in Arizona, but through google docs and remote access, he is able to coordinate and keep track of tour participants and details.

We were able to connect up with The Hague Youth Orchestra, the oldest youth orchestra in the world.  Their wonderful Orchestra Coordinator, Kerstin Hes, is a huge resource on their end, helping to bring plans we made last year to fruition.  This morning she shared a link to a funny, educational 4 minute video on the difference between The Netherlands and Holland.  I learned something!  Check it out!  We're really looking forward to a very interesting cultural exchange on this concert tour. . . not only connecting with families in Versailles, France, but also in the Hague. We hope to host the Hague Youth Orchestra in the near future as we did the Versailles Youth Orchestra last year.  Besides the experience of a concert tour, this cultural exchange is invaluable, and so easy to start up and continue in this fabulous age of connectivity.