MYA's Crescendo of Ambition Season

What does the MYA staff do during the week?  It's a question similar to one asked of Dr. D when he first started MYA:  What's your job during the week?  You see all the activity on the weekend, but sometimes what it takes to deliver this activity is invisible.  

This past week is a good example of the teamwork that goes into producing our 2nd. Annual Partner Appeal which will be mailed out this week.  A team, led by Rebecca Rudy, wrote, designed, edited and produced the mailing that volunteers are assembling today at MYA.  If you can't wait until the mail delivers this appeal, click here.

We started this type of annual campaign last year when we celebrated our 20th Anniversary.  The idea is similar to the Chicago Botanic Garden or Ravinia seeking support through memberships and offering perks to members at various levels.  31 percent of our operating budget for this year has to be raised through contributions and fund-raising events.  In addition to MYA's ongoing music education programs, contributions support a concert season that includes:  
  • 28 large ensemble concerts; 
  • 15 chamber music soirees; 
  • two national competitions;
  • Bass and Viola Festivals; and 
  • over 40 performance and master classes 

Learning from the Masters

It's more than music!  MYA's Instrument Classes started up early this morning.  Gerardo Ribeiro, Professor at Northwestern University, is doing a class for violinists, and our own Dr. D is leading the basses.   The purpose of this MYA offering is two-fold: to improve technique and to promote learning from peers.  In the first half of the class all students participate in technique exercises and/or discussion about performance issues.  The second part is a master class.  Students who normally hear their colleagues in the section or in a chamber music ensemble, get to hear them as soloists, and the soloists receive feedback from a master teacher. Learning from others in a non-competitive setting is a life lesson.