Enhanced Name for Midwest Young Artists

Some of you may have noticed a different logo showing up over the past couple of month.  It's official.  The Board of Directors unanimously approved a name enhancement at Monday night's board meeting which we will assume.

Years ago, we called the Activity Director at Alden Estates in Skokie and arranged to play chamber music for their residents.  When we arrived, a new Activity Director had set up tables for us to do painting with the residents.  Have been trying out Midwest Young Artists Conservatory (MYA Conservatory) and it takes no more explanation.  We find that conservatory implies music, education and excellence and no more words are needed.

Our mission has not changed. One of our Board members, Patrick Burke, suggested that we may want to become the most inclusive conservatory in the nation.  We welcome your thoughts.  Please share them with Matthew who will be pulling together a think tank to develop the concept of our brand more thoroughly.

Charles Pikler to Teach New Excerpt Class at MYA

Violinists and Violists can study orchestral excerpts with one of the most experienced orchestra musicians in the U.S.  Charles Pikler, a member of the Chciago Symphony Orchestra since 1978 and principal violist since 1986, will teach a class on Saturday mornings from 8-10 am, at the MYA Center at Fort Sheridan.  Tuition is only $200/semester.  Contact Jeremy Krifka to register today.  Classes start on September 12.

Classical Music and Dogs

OK, just a quick post today.  Came across this article from The Strad that supports our belief that classical music as well as being good for kids is also good for dogs!  Moji, I think we'll start leaving on classical music in our home while we're away at work!  Article says dogs spend less time standing and barking when music is being played.  If anyone has any dogs and music stories or videos to share, please send them my way.

We're Proud!

We're been so busy that we haven't had time to brag about a couple of things associated with this year's IMEA Conference in Peoria last week.

#1 Patrick Pearson, MYA's beloved orchestra conductor, was honored at the Illinois ASTA Luncheon as Outstanding School Teacher!  Patrick is also the Orchestra Director at Oak Park River Forest High School.

#2 Four out of seven members of the Honors Jazz Combo at IMEA were from MYA!  Congratulations to Michael Werner, trumpet; Ben Smelser, trombone; Taylor Kroma, bass; and Adam Wrobel, drums!

Another Study to Support Benefits to Studying Music

Check out this Washington Post article, Science Just Discovered Something Amazing About What Childhood Piano Lessons Did To You.  

Thought I'd also share part of a letter sent by MYA Alum, Doug Roewer, who is working as a nurse.  He talks about one of patients.

Hi Dr. Dennis!

. . . .Every year the one thing I always look forward to is the chance to play at MYA and the Alumni Orchestra -- with you at the helm.  Believe me, this is the one thing I always look forward to more than anything, and it's something I never take for granted.  This year I've taken care of a lot of sick people and have assisted in many therapeutic procedures ending with us having be the bearer of unexpected bad news.  One procedure I assist with is something called endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) where we assess, biopsy, and grade newly discovered "growths". This year I had a 57 year old guy tell me something in the recovery room after the Doctor gave him bad news (he was told he had inoperable pancreatic cancer). After my patient was dressed in the recovery room and on his way out the door with his wife, he told me something I was totally not expecting, "I wish I had never quit playing the violin."...talk about regrets.  I don't know what's happened to this guy since we gave him his awful diagnosis 3-months ago, but what he said really made me appreciate what I have and I wanted to let you know how much you and MYA still mean to me. . . . 

Seems an added benefit of music is the aesthetic/spiritual dimension of life that is added by actually expressing yourself through making music.  I've never heard from anyone who said they were happy they gave up music lessons.  Have you?

Voices Rising students sing for the McDonald's "Signs" commercial

Five Voices Rising students from the Midwest Young Artists choral program are featured on this new McDonald's commercial. The power of their performance is striking, and we are proud of their accomplishment!

For additional information, check out this Article from the Daily North Shore.