MYAC Captures Gold Medal for 2nd Time in 3 Years!

Photo by Josef Samuel 

It was an exciting weekend at the 2016 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition at Notre Dame this weekend.  It was the 43rd year of this competition started by an amateur chamber musician, Joseph E. Fischoff, and now a cultural asset which brings musicians from around the world to South Bend each Mother's Day weekend.  Allan and I look forward to this weekend which we have been attending for 26 years. . . I with a passion for listening to chamber music, and Allan as a coach and leader of MYAC whose focus has been on ensemble playing since we began in 1993.

This weekend was a surprise victory.  In recent years, the competition quality and consistency has been higher than ever.  As Artistic Director, Tom Rosenberg, always tells the students in the Junior Division, on another day, with another panel of judges, there could be a different result.  

Three MYAC ensembles were invited to the quarter-finals on Friday after a taped audition round of 70 applicants.  Two were selected to compete in the semi-finals on Saturday, and one learned on Saturday evening that they would be in the medal round on Sunday.  

Quartet Diamant who captured the Gold on Sunday includes Masha Lakisova (violin), Rebecca Moy (violin), Natalie Clarke (viola), and Adam Lee (cello).  From the moment they walked on stage, poised and confident, and then performed a great program with an incredible blended sound where they really felt the music, they did their best and their hard work paid off.  Thank you to their coaches, Robert Bassill and Lyudmila Lakisova!  We're proud of all of them!

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