MYAC Symphony Orchestra and Lang Lang Scholars Shine in Concert Review

A few highlights from the recent review by Michael Cameron:

"The Lang Lang International Music Foundation is now in its second decade of extraordinary public service, including the establishment of partnerships with organizations dedicated to instilling a drive for musical excellence in young people across the globe. None of these collaborations has been more fruitful than their partnership with Midwest Young Artists Conservatory. Each summer in August, MYAC plays host to several of these remarkable young pianist/scholars for week, making music, breaking bread, and engaging in every manner of cultural exchange." 
"Dr. Dennis chose to conclude the program the same way it began, with an engaging reading of a seminal opera overture. He lead the young ensemble in a glowing, atmospheric account of Weber’s Overture to Der Freisch├╝tz, an influential opera from 1821 that foreshadowed many characteristics of the looming Romantic style."
 MYAC's Symphony Orchestra brass was especially noted for its sound: 
"Special kudos to the horn section - their mellow, gleaming sound set the stage for an evocative performance that drew a justifiably enthusiastic response from the audience. Once again, listeners no doubt had to remind themselves repeatedly that the musicians on stage were students, not professionals, so thoroughly engrossing were the performances."
Read the full review on Chicago Music Report here. 

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