Friday, April 7, 2017

Mark Your Calendars!

Please join us for our 25th year celebration in Symphony Center on December 29th. Current students in Symphony Orchestra and Big Band will join MYAC Alumni who have graduated over the past 25 years on the concert stage at Symphony Center for a program of music by Basie, Croce, Bernstein, Beethoven, Mahler, Ravel and Brahms.

Rehearsals are:
Wednesday, 12/27: 7pm-9:30 rehearsal
Thursday, 12/28: 7pm-9:30 rehearsal
Friday, 12/29: Dress at Symphony Center 2pm-5pm; Concert at 6 pm

MYAC Alumni: If you haven't yet signed up to participate and perform in this concert, please do at this link. If you just want to come and listen, concert tickets are available at this link.

We are updating our Alumni Records.  If you have moved or changed contact information, please let us know

There will be a post concert reception at The Berghoff following the concert. Reservations are limited and can be made at this link.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Jimmy Chamberlin, Former Drummer with Smashing Pumpkins, to join Symphony Orchestra at MYAC's Rockin' Night Gala

How lucky are we to have MYAC Dad, Jimmy Chamberlin (Audrey/Voices Rising), join us for a Rockin' Night on March 11, 2017.  This year's benefit will be at the Westin North Shore.  The evening promises to be loads of fun, filled with music (of course!).  Tickets may still be purchased at this link.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Walgreens National Concerto Competition Results

Kudos to all who participated!

Senior MYAC Division:

Senior MYAC Division Overall Winner, performing with MYAC Symphony Orchestra on Februrary 19, 2017: George Dalianis, piano
Strings Category:
  • Haddon Kay, cello - winner
  • Adam Lee, cello - honorable mention
  • Anna Stenzel, violin - honorable mention
  • Aryn Harmon, cello - honorable mention
  • Christopher Gottardi-Littrell, violin - honorable mention
  • Daria Chudnovsky, violin - honorable mention
  • Ezra Escobar, cello - honorable mention
  • Krista Hagglund, harp - honorable mention
  • Michelle Manson, viola - honorable mention
  • Natalie Clarke, viola - honorable mention
  • Peter Dudek, viola - honorable mention
  • Rebecca Moy, violin (1st movement) - honorable mention
  • Robert Sanders, violin - honorable mention
  • Sofiya Kyrylyuk, viola - honorable mention
Other Instruments Category:
  • Cecilia Gao, flute - winner
  • Bailey Holman, bassoon - honorable mention
  • Carter Smith, oboe - honorable mention
  • Ksenia Polyarskaya, flute - honorable mention
  • Ruchira Ray, clarinet - honorable mention
Early Music Category:
  • Sarah Gibes, bassoon - winner
  • Annika McDermott-Hinman, oboe - honorable mention
  • Ethan Ramaly, flute - honorable mention
Piano Category:
  • George Dalianis - winner, and Overall Senior MYAC Division Winner
  • Alice Zhang - honorable mention
Voice Category:
  • Priya Krishnaswamy - honorable mention

Senior OPEN Division:

Senior Open Division Overall Winner, performing with MYAC Symphony Orchestra on Februrary 19, 2017Karisa Chiu, violin
Other Instruments Category:
  • Tessa Vermeulen, flute - winner
  • Adams Langs, xylophone - honorable mention
  • Daniel Lopez, flute - honorable mention
Strings Category:
  • Karisa Chiu, violin - winner, and Overall Senior Open Division Winner
  • Julian Rhee, violin - honorable mention
  • Nathan Mo, cello - honorable mention
  • Brendan Tarm, cello - honorable mention
Piano Category:
  • John Cao - winner
  • Gabriel Bruner - honorable mention
  • Derek Chung - honorable mention
Vocal Category:
  • Madeleine Keane - winner
Early Music Category:
  • Thomas Filipiuk, piano - winner

Junior MYAC Division:

Junior MYAC Division Overall Winner, performing with MYAC Concert Orchestra on February 19, 2017: Tim Zhang, oboe
Other Instrument Category:
  • Tim Zhang, oboe - winner, and Overall Junior MYAC Division Winner
  • Avra Friedman, flute - honorable mention
String Category:
  • Mia Wimbiscus, cello - winner
  • Ella Saputra, violin - honorable mention
  • Elson Koh, violin - honorable mention
  • Haoming Song, cello - honorable mention
Vocal Category:
  • Asher Ramaly - winner
Piano Category:
  • Haoming Song - winner
Early Music Category:
  • Mimi Friedman, violin (Winter) - honorable mention
  • Rosie Wang, flute - honorable mention

Junior OPEN Division:

Junior Open Division Overall Winner: Yerin Yang, piano
String Category:
  • Claudia Yoon, cello - winner
  • Elle Cho, violin - honorable mention
  • Rich Qian, violin - honorable mention
  • Bianca Ciubancan, violin - honorable mention
  • William Tan, cello - honorable mention
  • Esme Arieas-Kim, violin - honorable mention
  • Suminne Hong, violin - honorable mention
Piano Category:
  • Yerin Yang - winner, and Overall Junior Open Division Winner
  • Aliya Alsafa - honorable mention
  • Antonio Wu - honorable mention
  • Frank Gao - honorable mention
  • Richelle Shi - honorable mention
Early Music Category:
  • Barbara Juminaga, violin - winner
  • Rachel Man, violin - honorable mention
  • Abigail Froyshteer, piano - honorable mention
  • Freya Pang, piano - honorable mention
  • Zarin Metha, piano - honorable mention
  • Jessica Jiang, piano - honorable mention
Other Instruments Category:
  • Noah Jung, clarinet - winner